Men and Women

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Men and Women: new details on the choices in the early evening of the tronisti

Maria De Filippi in the last recording of Men and Women has revealed some more details about the choices of the tronisti. Men and Women, choices in the early evening: this is how Maria De Filippi in the recording of the last episode of Men and Women, which took place on the 27th of December, explained...


Men and Women, Andrea Dal Corso resumes Teresa Langella: the choice disappoint Antonio

This year, the throne's classic of Men and Women is quite complex, and fuels the gossip day after day. After the choice of Teresa Langella eliminate Andrew From the Course, arrived a few hours ago a resounding ‘reverse gear’. It seems that the ex-tempter of Temptation Island is back in the studio to...

Sossio'aruta and Ursula Bennardo: dedication unexpected on social

Sossio and Ursula do not stop to express their love, there comes a special dedication unexpected on Instagram. Sossio and Ursula, love regained? After many vicissitudes it seems that it is really a return to the clear between Sossio'aruta and Ursula Bennardo. The couple are spending the holidays together,...