Men and Women

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Men and Women, is going to get the Marchesa D'aragona? The rumors

According to some rumors, the Marchesa D'aragona could lead to Men and Women, the program of Maria De Filippi. Here's why. The Marchesa D'aragona has copied Tina Cipollati? Some time ago, Daniela Del Secco, the Marchesa D'aragona, was accused of having created his own character by copying Tina Cipollati...


Men and Women, the revelations of Gianni Sperti on Andrea Cerioli

Andrea Cerioli is the new tronista of Men and Women. The columnist of the programme, Gianni Sperti, has spent words very beautiful to him. Men and Women, Andrea Cerioli, on the throne for the second time Andrea Cerioli was already on the throne of Men and Women in 2015. The guy had decided to face the...

Men and Women, Mara Fasone unmasks Maria De Filippi and the editorial: ‘I did...’

The former tronista of U&D reactivates her profile in Instagram and for all After a long silence, the former tronista of Men and Women Mara Fasone is back to being active on her social profiles. The palermo has decided of his own free will to leave the Throne classic and, now he has decided to tell what...