Men and Women

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Sossio'aruta and Ursula Bennardo made fun of all: here's the proof that them scratch

The lady and the knight caught together in attitudes affectionate last September, Ursula Bennardo and Sossio'aruta were among the protagonists of the first edition of " Temptation Island Vip. Experience deleterious for the couple since the reality show have emerged from separate. Then the kicker campano...


Men&Women: Cerioli, on the throne, Alessandra is back with Zenga

Cerioli new tronista and Alessandra is back with the ex After a few months of break, it seems that there has been a rapprochement between Andrea Zenga and Alessandra Sgolastra. This last one has questioned his love because of Andrea Cerioli, the tempter, has lost his head. Many believed that they would...

Men and Women: leave Gemma Galgani

Seduced and (re)abandoned In the latest installment of the Throne over Men and Women, there was the meeting that was Rocco's, which definitely leaves Gemma Galgani, with as many as four ladies. Mariella, Maria Luisa, Roberta and Giovanna, a lady in the audience that has asked for permission to Maria...