Men and Women

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Advances Men and Women today's episode of 4 December, Barbara: ‘I do compassion...’

The second round of the Throne over the U&D Today afternoon at 14:45 on Channel 5 airs a new episode of Men and Women. According to the first spoiler will be forwarded to the second round of the Throne over. After what happened yesterday, that is the choice of Gemma Galgani, which has wrong-footed everyone,...


Advances Men and Women, today's episode 3 December: Gemma chose Rocco and spring Paul

In the episode today of the Throne over the U&D, Gemma Galgani spiazzerà all After the break due to the weekend, begins a new week dedicated to Men and Women, the popular dating show conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi. According to the spoilers that have been circulating, today afternoon at...

Men&Women: Luke has organized an outdoor Teresa Langella

Teresa, at a concert Irama with Luke At the concert Irama, the current boyfriend of julia De Lellis, some fans have spotted Teresa Langella e Luca Daffrè. The suitor wanted to surprise her, so he organized this special external. Both have sung the songs, exchanging endearments and hugs during the musical...