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San Martino to Cassano Valcuvia the memory of the fallen to build the future of young people

“How can we, the citizens, Italian and european, honor, on the facts, the most effective of each speech, the freedom fighters of yesterday? Continue with the weapons that we have made available, those of democracy, not betraying the sacrifice, start the message of hope and love for our battered country....


In Brissago, the memory of the Fallen of the Gera, “Children protagonists, they are the light of our path”

Yesterday, Monday 8 October, in front of the cemetery of Brissago Valtravaglia, was held the memorial service for the five young partisans – – there shot on the 7th of October ‘44. The singing of the National anthem by those attending, opened the ceremony. Banfi has recalled the importance of the memory...

How to assemble a PC: RAM

The RAM stands for “Random Access Memory”, depicts a type of “volatile” memory, which allows you to load programs that the CPU must perform.The most amount of memory we have available, the greater will be the programs that can be taken in execution, without any impact (or slightly) the overall performance.The...