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Raw ham and melon in the summer: yes or no?

In the summer, you know, makes us change many of our habits and often we do not want to put at the stove when the weather is hot. For this we eat very fresh food, plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. But between the pairings, which in the summer can not miss, there is that of the melon with parma...


In the shopping cart of the Blogger: the Melon

The undisputed king of the tablets in the summer, the melon has very few calories (only 34 calories per 100 g) and many beneficial properties, is an anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants and potassium, thanks to the vitamin A it contains, is a powerful ally to the safeguard of the sight, has anticancer...

Jam melon

Jam melon is my new discovery. I had never tried before, and fortunately, my “gamble” had a good outcome! Start with a base of a fruit flavorful, like melon, has its advantages and it is really difficult to bring to the table a recipe failed. I have embellished the jam melon with vanilla, ginger and...