Mega Man

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Hollywood will make a live action film of Mega Man

Was Capcom to announce a few hours ago that Mega Man, one of the historical characters of the video game world, will be adapted by 20th Century Fox in a live action film. 20th Century Fox will make a film in live-action Mega Man. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will write and direct the project, The film,...

For 18.600 €, this gold statue of Mega Man can be your

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of Mega Man (which was actually last year but, oh well, details), Capcom has announced the arrival in stores of japanese gold statue of Mega Man. In sales the golden statue of Mega Man, the famous character appeared for the first time on the NES in 1987 At...


The first 6 Mega Man arrive on iOS and Android

The original series of Mega Man is available, as promised by Capcom a few days ago, on mobile. The six titles of what in Japan is known as Rockman are available both on Google Play and on App Store, at a price of 1.99€ each.Below you will find all the links to reach the pages of the store in just a few...