Maurizio Costanzo

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Maria De Filippi, the leaves of the Maurizio Costanzo at home and go skiing with another man: that's who (Photos)

The note presenter of Channel 5 committed to skiing, the photographers of the magazine Who the paparazzano Maria De Filippi is like wine, the older the more it becomes good. In the new issue of Who, the gossip weekly magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini are some unpublished photos that depict the Queen...


Elisa Isoardi bad beat, the flop, The Test of the cook, the critic Maurizio Costanzo

Elisa Isoardi La Prova del cuoco is not very successful, but what is the reason for which the presenter is not able to get as Antonella Clerici? This was revealed by Maurizio Costanzo, with The proof of the cook with Elisa Isoardi failed to make the full of listen. When Antonella Clerici, the share is...

Gossip, Belen against Maurizio Costanzo

Feed Released from KontroKulturaNow as we well know, between Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino the story is over for ever, but as confirmed by the latest news of gossip there are those who do not want to bow to the evidence and has tried in every way to bring back the showgirl argentina about its...