Maurizio battista

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La prova del cuoco, January 24, 2019, from the recipes to the laughter with Maurizio Battista (Photos)

Bet the short but intense for the proof of The cook today, January 24, 2019 because with Elisa Isoardi in the kitchen, there was also Maurizio Battista (photo). For recipes, de La prova del cuoco today less time available to give space to the direct Celebration of the Day of Memory in the presence of...

Maurizio Battista in True: from the withdrawal from the GF Vip to the problems in the family, his children do not want to talk with him

Between the first bars dedicated of course to Big Brother Vip. Since the early days in the house of the Gf, Maurizio has shown himself intolerant, and think that had been the first to inaugurate this third edition of the Vip of reality, entering a day before alone in the cave. Maurizio decided to leave...

GF VIP 3 news: Maurizio Battista pointed the finger against Valerio Merola, too haughty, and conceited

Maurizio Battista does not send her to say. After a few hours of stay in the house of Big Brother Vip 3 has immediately discussed with Elijah, to say, posed too much and had a way of making a snooty and arrogant. A comparison is then fixed, and between the two there are old grudges. But the lovely velino...