Matteo Salvini

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Daniela Martani, the former gieffina humiliates Salvini: ‘And’ fattened, is becoming a pig...’

The former gieffina confesses in the transmission of The moody blues a Few hours ago Daniela Martani has been taken on The moody blues the radio broadcast of Radio2 Rai. The former Big Brother contestant has talked a lot about the current deputy prime league Matteo Salvini using, even if in an ironic...


Al Bano meets Matteo Salvini, here's what you gave him

Al Bano and Matteo Salvini, a couple rather strange. Yet the two met at the Vimilnale and have had an exchange of special gifts Matteo Salvini met this morning with Al Bano and it happened something really unusual. Let's see what happened at the interior ministry between the minister Matteo Salvini and...

Pensions, latest news, 7 December: portion 100, portion 41, the extension option woman

The latest news today December 7, 2018 regarding the reform of the early retirement 2019 are finally positive. The two deputy prime minister, Salvini and Maio, have reassured the pensionandi on share 100. Claudio Durigon has confirmed the stop of life expectancy for all early retirement pensions. But...