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Matchmaking busted with BH2, BH3, BH4, BH5 on Clash of Clans

With the introduction of the Basis of the Manufacturer is the entrance to the new versus mode that allows you to deal with two players, in real time, as is already the case on the Clash Royale. As you have noticed, but the matchmaking and match are differents, especially for the benefit of the Sale of...


Leak Sneak Peeks 2017: New troop Black and Pink (Warlock of the Ice), New Levels, Troops, Potions, Resources

In the last few hours has been unveiled in advance what should be the first big Sneak Peek update Clash of Clans May 2017 the much-acclaimed. Among the novelties of the first to sneak, there are two troops the new (one pink and one black), a bunch of new levels for troops and potions and especially for...

Ambush on Clash of Clans: how to choose the Clan to play in Clan War hidden

The possibility of being able to challenge a certain Clan on Clash of Clans we have been offered with the addition of the friendly challenges. However, in this mode there must be a common agreement between the two clans: if one of the two refuses the invitation it is not possible to continue. And if...