Massimo boldi

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Sunday, Massimo Boldi aches thinking back to his wife, then finds his smile with his new girlfriend

The episode on Sunday, 3 November 2019 was opened in the spirit of laughter and light-heartedness with Massimo Boldi. The first part of the interview, however, that devoted to the themes very delicate, has emotions, and emotion. Maximum, in fact, he remembered with Mara Venier and his wife Marisa, who...


Massimo Boldi confirmation that Marica Pellegrinelli attends Vezza after the death of Eros Ramazzotti (Photo)

If Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli do not speak of their marriage over there thinks Massimo Boldi update confirming that the items on the beautiful model, and Charley Vezza are true (photo). The comic actor is exposed on the private life of Eros, Marica, and Charley, who in the meantime kept...

Massimo Boldi locked up in a hospice: here's what happened

Massimo Boldi is one of the most beloved actors by the italians. Unfortunately, it is not longer very young and it is for this reason that has undergone a special treatment from The Hyenas Massimo Boldi is one of the most beloved actors of the show but a few hours ago we saw him in garments never before...