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Alena Seredova shock: ‘I Am still the wife of Gigi Buffon then...’

The maid Czech confesses gravure printing ‘True’ Today afternoon, Alena Seredova, will be the guest in the new episode of ‘True’, the magazine of Channel 5 led by Silvia University. The showgirl Czech has talked about his marriage failed with the soccer goalie Gigi Buffon. The woman revealed to be his...


‘We're getting married thanks to Maria De Filippi, in October, was born our daughter’: here's who they are

Antonella and Francesco will always be grateful to the people show ‘you've got Mail’ and the presenter Maria De Filippi. Anyone who has followed the program Mediaset the last winter, he knew perfectly well that their history has been one of the most-watched of the entire season. The guy, in fact, has...

Sossio'aruta and Ursula Bennardo have got married secretly? Here's the photo

Sossio'aruta and Ursula Bennardo, the two former protagonists of the Throne Over to ‘Men and Women’ are enjoying the summer holidays. The couple who has decided to leave the program of Maria De Filippi is always working hard and on our social networks continue to share continuously the images of their...