Marriage proposal

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Sossio'aruta and Ursula Bennardo soon the bride and groom? The call-and-response on Instagram

Sossio'aruta and Ursula Bennardo are spending a few days together in the mountains. On Instagram, the call-and-response on the marriage. Men and Women, Marx and Ursula are back together In the last episode aired of Men and Women, Sossio wanted to clarify the situation between him and Ursula. Even though...


The row of Germignaga with a marriage proposal in the field: Simone amazes Alice

A victory, that of Germignaga Football Sunday, the seventh day of the championship CSI Series D1 Open against Gemmules, which, although overwhelming, is passed into the second floor. The game, in fact, will be remembered for a long time, not for the manita trimmed to the opponents, but for a different...

Hides marriage proposal in the Marvel's Spider-Man but, in the meantime, she ran away with the brother

Curious story that of the marriage proposal hidden inside Marvel's Spider-Man, one of the many easter egg inserted by Insomniac inside of the video game is now on everyone's lips. Here is the story of the easter egg the most sad in the history of gaming, a proposal of marriage in Marvel's Spider-Man...