Marina la rosa

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Marina La Rosa Verissimo refuses to meet the former castaways: the revelation of Silvia University

From the first bars of Marina La Rosa in the episode of Verissimo aired on April 6, 2019 we understood which was the reason for which participation in the program had not gone very in genius. As you know, after the recording of the episode Marina had posted on the social a long vent from which evinceva...


Island of the famous 2019, Luca and Marina eat pasta and cake without having to share with the group

In the day time, Island of the famous 2019 aired today, march 4,, the latest news from Honduras and not too good for the group! The public who has followed the episode of the day time of today, of the reality of Channel 5, seeing what has happened, it is divided into two factions. But let's explain what...

The Island of the famous 2019, the cast, the official announced on the social reality of Channel 5

And the time has come to officially announce the cast of the famous Island in 2019. And the names, the real ones, coming from the social reality of Channel 5. In these last few weeks have been really so many names came to the fore, but in the end not all will leave for Honduras. Who will take the role...