Maria de filippi

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Maria de Filippi in the promo Not to lie: Mediaset thanks the presenter in his own way

It's really a rare case, if not exceptional, what we're talking about. In the promo for the second episode Not to lie, the fiction of Channel 5 aired on Sunday evening, also appears Maria de Filippi. The presenter is not part of the story but there is a reason for this choice. Anyone who has followed...


Maria De Filippi inciucia

We are accustomed to the blows of tele-market to late spring. Yet, a rumor talked about in the last few hours from AdnKronod could really prove to be the scoop of television of the year. What we mean? It is soon said: the queen of the trash Mediaset Maria De Filippi would have been spotted as he entered...

There is mail for you starts by Ricky Martin: advances and guests from the first episode

Mary's going to come back, the envelopes of Mary are to return, the deliverers of Mary are to return. There is mail for you at our departure: 12 January 2019, with the first installment of this new edition of the program of Channel 5. Finally, I would say! The Saturday evening of the people waiting with...