Marco maddaloni

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Marco Maddaloni has become a valuable ring rope de The island of the famous, and the he gifted to his wife (Photo)

Remember the ring of rope that Marco Maddaloni had made on the beach of The Island of the famous? Was the ring with which to live asked Romina Giamminelli to marry him (photo). Today to Come to me was a guest couple to a month from the wedding tells the story of the day, the most beautiful, but there...


Marco Maddaloni he married his Romina: the wedding, the charge of the former castaways famous (PHOTOS)

And’ finally arrived the day and, unlike what you might think, for Marco Maddaloni and Romina Giamminelli the nuptials were top secret. The two have not spoken about the social, not have spoken of it on tv but you are simply sworn eternal love in front of God with family and friends. No public announcement,...

The Island of the Famous 2019: Marco Maddaloni in the televoting and Luca Vismara and Giorgia

The circle narrows, and week after week it becomes more difficult to make the nominations: - know the castaways remained on The Island of the Famous 2019, that they had to send to the televoting, the three other castaways. The first two are selected by nomination of the entire group, and a third pulled...