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Marco Bocci On a Sunday: Laura Chiatti has revived in the house before the ride to the hospital (Photos)

It was Laura Chiatti to save the life of Marco Bocci when a trivial herpes had got to the brain causing the momentary loss of the memory and of the word (photo). It is a Sunday, In which Marco Bocci today, he remembered that terrible time, the disease of which we all knew but that the couple never wanted...


All with Emma Brown, Marco Bocci to Alessandra Amoroso the embrace of friends and colleagues (Photos)

Maybe even Emma Brown thought that so many people including fans, friends, and colleagues would worry for her, sending messages of support (photo). After his announcement of having to stop due to problems with his health the embrace of all she has touched the singer from salento. Marco Bocci Laura Chiatti,...

Marco Bocci e Laura Chiatti at Disneyland, but the comments about the children, and fatigue, are angry with the actress (Photos)

Also a beautiful photo of Marco Bocci e Laura Chiatti with children, Disneyland Paris has become the object of controversy, negative comments and the usual insults of haters (photos). How often Chiatti does not resist and bursts out against, but this time it was Marco Bocci to unleash all the fuss. The...