Marchesa d'aragona

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Riccardo Signoretti venom against the “pretend” the Marchioness: “I leccavi the walk to come to dinner with me”

Down as a few faces we saw, Riccardo Signoretti in the episode of Sunday Live broadcast on 11 November 2018, he lashed out against the marchesa d'aragona dicendone of each. The director Again has not appreciated the attacks that the Marchioness has reserved the last week but above all it has not appreciated...


Big Brother Vip 3 is the war between Maria Monsè and the Marquise: “you are here only because Lory del Santo has had a tragedy”

As was to be expected, in the house of Big Brother Vip 3 after the entrance of Mary Monsè has unleashed a real war with the marchesa Daniela Aragon. The Monsè and the marchesa last night had proved that, as often happens in the direct, to be able to manage the situation but already this morning, things...

Big Brother Vip news: the marchesa against Eleonora Giorgi that would be too exalted by the “boni” of the house

The division into two factions in the house of Big Brother Vip 3 is bringing the effects which you expected. The guys in the cave are sure to be the perfect group, to be cheerful, witty, but above all, united. In the home, in the comfortable home, we look at the Cavemen with a certain smell under your...