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Maneuver 2020: all of the main measures approved

The Council of Ministers has approved the Manoeuvre 2020, with important news for the Country. The draft budgetary plan for the year 2020 is ready and can be transmitted to the european commission. But what are the main measures approved? You speak of the fight against tax evasion, the cut in the tax...

The Eu promotes the shunting of Italy, but is pressing for the reintroduction of the Imu for high income

(REUTERS) The european Commission confirms that the additional measures of the financial statements for the 2017 have been adopted” by the Italian authorities “and that, therefore, are not considered to be need for further measures to comply with the debt rule at this stage”. Despite the “many commitments...

The maneuver, from the first of January 2018 goodbye to the coins of one and two cents

Goodbye to coins 1 cent and 2 cent starting from 1° January 2018. Provides for an amendment of the Pd, the first signer Sergio Boccadutri, the decree-law of correction of the public accounts. The proposed change to the manoeuvre, presented in the Budget Commission of the Chamber, provides that any savings...