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Get to the Room the patentito for tattoo, piercing and beauty therapists

The introduction of the specialization in socio-aesthetics can be achieved at the end of a training course of 600 hours. And’ because it provides the law proposal of the member of parliament Pd Marco Donati is currently submitted to the examination of the Room. Get to the Room the patentito for tattoo,...


Nicole Richie, selfie during makeup

Photo: @ Instagram/ Nicole RichieBefore then the selfie in front of the mirror, we fall to all! In the last days, it was the turn of Nicole Richie who, under the expert hands of Beau Nelson, makeup artist of celebrity, he could not resist the idea of taking a photo with curlers in the head.“Monday morning...

Does Too Faced Shadow Insurance Really Work?

Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer ($20)I have been cursed with an annoying curse — oily eyelids. This basically makes it impossible for my eye shadows to look the same at the end of the day as they look when I put them on, and who wants to spend precious time blending away till your arm falls...