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Vanessa Hudgens, makeup intense on Instagram

Photo: @ Instagram/ Vanessa HudgensI like the makeup intense sported by Vanessa Hudgens on Instagram? The star of “Spring Breakers” has shared on the social some of the shots that I show in beautiful shape, with a striking look designed for her by celebrity stylist Natalie Saidi. Eyes that are accentuated...


Kendall Jenner has a diva at NY Fashion Week

Photo: @ Instagram/ Kendall JennerWhat say you to this first floor of Kendall Jenner?The 21-year-old is one of the undisputed protagonists of the new york Fashion Week, and Instagram has given us a photo in which shows us to be near the makeup created for her by makeup artist to the stars Hung Vanngo.Maxi-line...

Irina Shayk is still at sea

Photo: @ Instagram/ Irina ShaykHoliday at the sea of Irina Shayk are not finished yet and the girlfriend of Bradley Cooper continues to post on Instagram photos from the dream.The last one was a couple of days ago when the mom of the little Lea-De-Seine has shared with fans a photo that shows her in...

Demi Lovato, hair and makeup before the show

Photo: @ Instagram/ Demi LovatoSeriously, how would you like to be in the place of Demi Lovato from 1 to 10?The singer has shared on social a photo from backstage, in which a team of experts takes care of his image.Make-up artists, hair stylists, stylist: to be at the top is not difficult at all for...

The best App to put on makeup

The best App to put on makeup

Women, this article is dedicated to those of you who is not skilled with makeup, but would like to try to make something cute and to those of you who do not know which make-up is suitable to your face.To help you to solve these problems are available on the various store of the excellent app that allow...

Katy Perry stylish on Instagram

Photo: @ Instagram/ Katy PerryHow stylish Katy Perry in this photo?The singer posted on the social the shot you see above in which the pose with a makeup impeccable from the eyes super intense.To complete the look of huge sparkling earrings and her hair platinum now very short.Do you like it?

Get to the Room the patentito for tattoo, piercing and beauty therapists

The introduction of the specialization in socio-aesthetics can be achieved at the end of a training course of 600 hours. And’ because it provides the law proposal of the member of parliament Pd Marco Donati is currently submitted to the examination of the Room. Get to the Room the patentito for tattoo,...