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Recipes Luisanna Messeri, the jelly of veal from La prova del cuoco

From the book The day of Luisanna Messeri a new recipe today, 5 September 2016 by The test of the cook. The teacher of tuscan cuisine, suggests the recipe of jelly d veal. After the space of Lorenzo Branchetti with a look at the past here is the recipe of the jelly of veal, in the Messeri. The teacher...


The recipe for the fried zucchini

It is very easy to prepare the pancakes of courgettes, a real delight for all, a summer recipe but not only that, one of the recipes that we can transform as we prefer. The base of this recipe with the zucchini requires a few ingredients, but we can add others such as cheeses and cold cuts and make it...

The fast recipe of stuffed tomatoes au gratin

The recipe for the stuffed tomatoes au gratin, the recipe for the second dish in the summer more easy and fast, one of the perfect dishes to bring to the table when it's hot. With just a few ingredients and the dish is ready to be put in the oven, yes this is the only negative note, the tomatoes au gratin...