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Michelle Hunziker hushes the Wild Lucarelli, there is one thing that she has said (Photos)

Two thousand women per year saved by the association Double Defense, this is the number with which Michelle Hunziker intends to defend the foundation that carries on with the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno; a commitment that Wild Lucarelli has attacked so hard on the Fact Daily bringing everything also on the...


Sonia Bruganelli against all, prefers to be envied, but the pain won't show it (Photo)

Sonia Bruganelli not afraid of some negative comments on the social, provided they are not against his family, for the rest leave it indifferent, and to the journal Today explains why. The wife of Paul Bonolis on Instagram is often targeted, many will attack because it is able to generate envy with his...

Stefano De Martino on the Island of the famous, before leaving, he explained everything in Santiago (Photos)

Sent to the Island of the famous 2018 Stefano De Martino already feels strong, the lack of his son, Santiago, had never been detached so long from him, and three months are so many. Stefano De Martino tells the magazine Today that the detachment from his son is strong, that your phone helps a lot, but...