Made in the south

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Made in the South, the dispute between Elisabetta Gregoraci and a comedian embarrasses everyone (Photos)

Rumors of a nasty fight between Elisabetta Gregoraci (photo) and one of the comedians of Made in South and it seems to be everything, true, but who is the other protagonist of the dispute? He is Gino Discomfort, known by all in the cast of the comedy show from the various editions. In the cast there...


Belen Rodriguez in front of the tv divided between Stefano De Martino at the Made in the South and Jeremias on the Island (Photos)

Yesterday evening in front of the tv, there was also Belen Rodriguez ready to cheer on Stefano De Martino in his debut at the Made in the South and, of course, there was also the small Santiago (photos). Great party yesterday at the home of Belen because the group is in a comfortable position on the...

Listen tv 4 march 2019 earlier in the evening: the name of The Rose by the record ratings?

Huge wait this morning for the data listening to the first evening of the 4 march 2019. Rai 1 tries to conquer the audience with the event the name of The rose: will he cash in on a new record do you listen to? As always we will only know this morning, after the publication of the data of the listening...