Machines Deadly

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Machines and Mortals: the many unaired scenes and a look at the history, in the new trailer of the film

After seeing the Lucca Comics and Games the first 25 minutes of the Machines, Mortal, I can not wait anxiously for the release in theaters of the new film produced by Peter Jackson. To relieve the waiting, Universal Pictures has released online a new extended trailer of the film, containing several new...

Peter Jackson set to direct a film about the First World War, a very particular

Contacted by the Imperial War Museum in London, Peter Jackson is working on a documentary about the First World War.The arduous task of the director will be the one to bring back to life some of the footage, recovered from the archives of the BBC and the Imperial War Museum, thanks to modern technology....

Here are the most anticipated movies of 2018, listed by date

The new year has just opened, and, in the wake of the cinema program of the end of 2017, which will extend in the course of the next few weeks, we discover what are the most anticipated movies of 2018, by exploring a list that, day after day, we will outline the headlines more cool (at least on paper)...