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Apple is working on a new chip for the Mac, in order to manage the activities of low consumption

Apple is reportedly working on a new chip for the Mac, which will allow you to perform tasks that are currently assigned to the Intel CPU and at the same time will greatly reduce the power consumption. His name should be “T310“, and could allow Apple to make itself independent from external producers.The...


Change the route for Consumer Reports: now recommends the MacBook Pro 2016 [Video]

Consumer Reports has published a new report about the MacBook Pro 2016 of Apple, and due to the new test, the magazine now recommends the purchase of the latest notebook from the Cupertino company, characterized by the innovative Touch Bar.In the new test, conducted using a beta version of macOS that...

The disappointment for the new MacBook Pro has led many Mac users to switch to the Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has announced that November was the best month for sales of the Surface. This category of devices has been very successful, especially among many of the (former) MacBook users, who have decided to switch to a competitor after being disappointed by Apple and its new MacBook Pro.The news was...