Luinesi abroad

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“Luinesi abroad”, Alessia Musso in Houston working as insurance broker

Another testimony of a “Luinesi abroad”, the 56esima when we launched the book, which periodically continues to intrigue the entire community of the territory because it tells the lives and experiences of all those citizens, especially under the age of 40, who have decided to leave the shores of the...


From Maccagno to San Francisco: tomorrow part of the adventure of Roberto to clean up the Ocean from plastic

Two years ago, the “Luinesi abroad”, we have already shared the experience of Roberto Brambini: the young engineer, a native of Garabiolo, village of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca, lives in the Netherlands, where he works on The project “The Ocean Cleanup”. A pride for the entire Alto Varesotto, because...

“Luinesi abroad”, Nicholas Contini in London working in the investment world

Yet another testimony of “Luinesi abroad”, our address book, which, periodically, goes on to recount the lives and experiences of all those citizens who have decided to leave the shores of the lake to look for a job and build a life abroad. Like many other fellow citizens, in fact, there are dozens and...