Lucy hale

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Lucy Hale shopping in Los Angeles

Photos via ZimbioOver the weekend, Lucy Hale was granted some free time to do a bit of shopping.The actress of “Pretty Little Liars” you are enjoying the end of the commitments related to the promotion of the TV series that has launched and evidently, as for her peers, for her there is nothing better...

The cast of Pretty Little Liars on Good Morning America

Photos via JustjaredYesterday morning, the five protagonists of "Pretty Little Liars" arrived in the studios of ABC to promote the new season of the TV series that just premiered yesterday. Ashley Benson, Troian Belissario, and Shay Mitchell have been photographed on their arrival in the television studios...


Ashley Tisdale and Lucy Hale at the “L. A. St. Jude Walk/ Run in 2016”

Photo: @ Instagram/ Lucy HaleLast Saturday, Lucy Hale, and Ashley Tisdale met in Los Angeles to participate at the annual “L. A. St. Jude Walk/ Run”.For the occasion, the two girls have chosen to wear comfortable clothing, sunglasses and t-shirts, personalized, you are enabled to sensitize the public...