Luciana fantato

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Luciana Fantato breaking news: they'd found his remains

It would have arrived a turning point for what concerns the case of Luciana Fantato. The news is today, October 22, 2019. The remains of the missing woman from Gambolò would have been found. Very few at the moment, the news on the epilogue to this dramatic event. You will remember that the woman had...


Luciana Fantato breaking news: the woman was killed by those who wanted to punish Martha, his beloved daughter?

The story of Luciana Fantato is really very complicated. The program anyone Who has seen it has always tried to tell the facts with delicacy, but it is complicated because in the family, happened different things because of the wrong choices of Martha, the daughter of Puerino and Luciana. Marta has,...

Luciana Fantato breaking news: it investigates for murder. The husband opens the door of the house to those Who have seen it

In the episode of those Who saw it aired July 4, 2018, the latest news on the disappearance of Luciana Fantato the woman disappeared from Gambolò in the month of November. That Luciana is really a disappearance is very strange also because the woman lived in a very specific context; her husband, Peter,...