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Nina Moric launches new accusations by Live against his former Louis Fabulous: “you Wanted to see me alone”

In the episode of the Live-it is Not the d'urso air on April 26 2020, it is back to talk about if Luigi and Mario Fabulous-Nina Moric. The model as you know has denounced his ex, and legally, things are going forward. At this time the streets and bureaucracy are slower than usual but soon it will also...


Elena Moral, true to her former boyfriend: “I have never doped, Sara Tommasi far from me”

Anyone who has followed the episode of the Afternoon, 5 in the wave on February 26, 2020 knows that among the guests of Barbara d'urso there was also the ex-boyfriend of Elena Moral, Daniel said he was very concerned about the health conditions of the girl coming to compare it to Sara Tommasi. Daniel,...

Louis Fabulous defends himself from the accusations in the Afternoon, 5: “I'm on vacation with Elena Moral, the I'm courting you because I like it”

In the second part of the episode of the Afternoon, 5 in the air today, February 26, 2020 is success really all. For days there is talk of a possible flirtation between Elena Moral and Luigi are Fabulous and the thing is confirmed by the stakeholders who decide to call in live during the show, also to...