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Live life, Tiberio Timperi e Francesca Fialdini away the items on the quarrels and problems

We have now arrived at the second week of the airing of La vita in diretta", the program of Rai 1 that it does not shine particularly to listen to, but it is doing well, better in the Afternoon Five. The numbers that remain in the media, but they convince especially if they beat those of Channel 5 where...


Afternoon 5 limps even with the new schedule: live life, holding his and wins

Starts a new week and a return to the challenges between the Afternoon of 5, and live life. The two programs will compete this week and the first “battle” is won by the program of Rai 1. Listen, in general, still very low, those of the two programs aired in the afternoon, the rest we are still the 11th...

Jessica Lattuca, the rumors of a marche

Jessica Lattuca (27 years) could be left voluntarily. As you can read from the Newspaper of Sicily, the marches would have claimed this new version of the facts. The man would have had contact with the girl shortly before her disappearance (dating back to last August 12) and the woman would have expressed...