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Vultus V: arrival in the live-action filipino-inspired souls

According to Pilipino Star Ngayon, the television network philippine GMA has no plans to produce an adaptation live action of Vultus V (Chōdenji Mashīn Borutesu Faibu – Machine Superelettromagnetica Voltes V), the popular anime television show of the 1977 gender mecha work of Tadao Nagahama and produced...


Bleach: a review of the live-action Netflix!

Useless to hope that Netflix learns from his mistakes. After having disappointed with the live action american Death Note, and a transposition into a film of Full Metal Alchemist that is better not to comment, the behemoth of streaming try to re-enable its line of live action inspired by the manga japanese...

Star Storm: here's a video of the pilot of the film's live-action de the Knights of The Zodiac ever made (for good luck)

Through some old interviews to Masami Kurumada, dating back to the beginning of the years 2000, it was revealed that Bandai was keen to make a film, a live-action Knights of the Zodiac, in the wake of the success of the film on the Power Rangers, even if, in the end, this project was cancelled. Here's...