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The said Fact to the 14 for now does not improve: Channel 5 always unbeatable, Rai 1 limps

How did you listen to of the afternoon on the 14th of October 2019 with the return on Rai 1 de the Paradise of The lord and the new/old location of Said Fact to the 14? Let's find out with the data from auditel its own to listen to it yesterday to reveal how they went the programs broadcast in the afternoon....

Listen to the bass to live life: you look for a new road but it is not easy to

On Rai 1, the are really trying all to give new life to the program. Yet there seemed to be that the edition conducted by Cristina Parodi and Marco Liorni last year was so bad, on the contrary. In the house of Rai, they still do not want to understand that there is a nice and noticeable difference between...


Live life vs Afternoon 5: the ratings, the first challenge of September 11

The first day of the great challenges in the afternoon of Bbc1 and Channel 5. We focus, in our analysis, the historic challenge between live life or Life live, and in the Afternoon Five. September 11, 2017 is match the challenge of the seasonal between the two programs of Rai and Mediaset. For Marco...