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Live life, and Come to me, come on in the afternoon on Rai 1: the throne classic Mediaset floppa

Because they can change the ratings of a network on the basis of a single program? Very, at least judging from what happens when on Channel 5 airs the throne of classic Men and Women. Already yesterday, in fact, we spoke of the collapse of listeners of the program of Maria de Filippi when on Channel...

The ratings of the afternoon: evil Rai with Life in a direct and Said and Done. Channel 5 is unbeatable

The month of September draws to a close, and a month after the beginning of all programs broadcast on Rai and Mediaset, we can draw some conclusions for what concerns the ratings of the main programs broadcasted in this autumn 2019. How did the ratings, how are they going to listen to what has happened...


Comparison ratings 2017/2018 afternoon: fly Said and Done, the Afternoon 5 wins but live life, holding his

After having done our analysis of the morning data of the programs broadcast on all channels in the clear, today we look at the afternoon. How are things on the main channels Rai and Mediaset, and not only that, this autumn 2018? Let's find out by comparing data from auditel day of October, with those...