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That flop to the throne, with classic Men and Women: the Bailiff approaches more and more with Come to me

That drubbing to the throne classic of Men and Women in the wave on the 21st of February 2020. A long time have not seen a result so low. One million viewers less than the throne over which records an average of 3 million viewers every day ( that is Friday, Monday or Tuesday, it makes little difference)....

Eurogames that flop, listen to embarrassing for the program presented by Ilary and Alvin: failed experiment

After the 3 million plays in the first episode of the Eurogames, we all thought the best of the things that Mediaset could have done would have been to close there. An evening event was to be this idea in the dust off a format so old but at the same time the bearer of nostalgia for some viewers. An evening...


Flop resounding of the famous Island that becomes on the social Island that is not there: what doesn't work?

Average of 2 million viewers for Channel 5 and for the second installment of the famous Island. Numbers who, earlier in the evening to a flagship network-are thrilling. Numbers that can not be that those of a flop. The Island of the famous 2019 does not work: it is never so bad the first few episodes,...