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Flop resounding of the famous Island that becomes on the social Island that is not there: what doesn't work?

Average of 2 million viewers for Channel 5 and for the second installment of the famous Island. Numbers who, earlier in the evening to a flagship network-are thrilling. Numbers that can not be that those of a flop. The Island of the famous 2019 does not work: it is never so bad the first few episodes,...

Disaster live life: listen to the flop for Rai 1, what's not working?

What's not working? What is there not to like? We need to start asking, and perhaps in the house Rai , someone is doing it already for weeks. The live life does not work. If until last year the only enemy to beat was Channel 5, with the brillantissimi plays of the Afternoon, Five in the edition 2018/2019...