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Listen to 9 September, who wins and who loses at the debut: the d'urso confirms Wonder Woman

Have you seen the new promo of the Live-it is Not the d'urso, the one that among other things, cost the host a trip to the emergency room? Barbara is dressed as Wonder Woman, and no mistake. Three programs in the direct-to-manage in the same period, a direct daily, and much more-not only. Comes back...

To listen to Come to me: Caterina Balivo in solitary flies high in the afternoon on Rai 1?

Come to me in her debut on the September 9, 2019, Caterina Balivo back office, more than ever, because it has another milestone to celebrate: the episode number 200. Indeed, yesterday, on Rai 1 aired precisely the jubilee episode of Come to me with so much celebration on the final. The Bailiff has confessed...


The spring hurts to Rai 1: to listen in the fall for Stories, Come to me and live life. The worst on The test of the cook

A bad day that of February 28, 2019, at least for the morning and afternoon on Rai 1 which record you listen to really low. Spring is in the air, the first sunny days with mild temperatures even and the ratings start to decline. A physiological drop in that often affects all of the programs broadcast...