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Lombardy, from the Verbano to Piambello: “555mila euros for the development of the Mountain Communities”

During the vote on the Budget in the hall of the Pirellone, was unanimously approved the amendment 399, presented as the first petitioner by the Regional Councillor Angelo Palumbo of Forza Italia and also signed by the Director James Cosentino of the List Fountain President, which has allocated € 555...

Record turnout for the illuminations of the Sacred Mountain, Cosentino: “But the police is ‘cash’ on Christmas”

In the afternoon of Saturday, December 8, the day of the Immaculate conception, the Sacred Mountain has given way to Christmas: waiting now for several days, the switching on of the christmas lights has resulted in the village hundreds of thousands of citizens as we had not seen for years, arrived both...


The region funds for sports facilities: over 12 thousand euro in Cittiglio for a skatepark

“The outcome of the announcement of the Lombardy Region for their contributions to the systems, and sports equipment gave an excellent result, especially in the city of Varese and in some municipalities of the province to which they have gone in a total of approximately 130 thousand euros.” This is the...