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Temptation Island Vip: Jordan Mazzocchi ‘betrays’ Nilufar Addati (Photos)

The former suitor Jordan Mazzocchi has succumbed to the fascination of the Bonas of Next another Tuesday 25 of September in the early evening on Channel 5 airs the second episode of ‘Temptation Island Vips, the reality of the temptations, hosted by Simona Ventura. The broadcast being recorded, on the...


Kendall Jenner, also his lips are soaring

Photo: @ Instagram/ Kendall JennerFor a Jenner say farewell to the filler to the lips, there is always one that gives way with pleasure to the call of the surgeon.In this case, the Jenner in question, and Kendall, who, unlike her sister, Kylie, is continuing to rise significantly in the lips.Portrayed...

Beyonce has rebuilt his lips in pregnancy?

Photo via Beyonce.comBeyonce continues to show off on Instagram the forms by the mom-to-be of twins and his photos have no shortage of suspects.The last in chronological order is focused on her lips: from the last pictures posted, in fact, it seems that his mouth is mysteriously leavened. That used to...