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“Christmas lights in Leggiuno”, the last few days of intense work for the 150 volunteers

(article by Claudio Ferretti) the Last few days of intense work for the one hundred and fifty volunteers, under the careful guidance of artistic Betti Lino, they are completing the work to turn the five hundred thousand led low energy consumption, from Saturday 8 December until the Epiphany will illuminate...


Back to the “Festival of Light – Lake Como”. By Friday, a chance to get closer to science

In the wake of the success of the first edition of 2016 back, from 28 April to 14 may, the Festival of Light – Lake Como, the event that, through meetings, conferences, exhibitions and shows, with free admission, offers the general public the opportunity to approach the world of science. Back to the...

Main beam, heavy fines if turned on for a long time. Here's the news

“The ‘visual signaling devices, and lighting of vehicles’, in common language, labelled simply as ‘lights’ or ‘headlights’ of a car, it is often inaccurate and not always the car drivers are aware of the risks and of the penalties that this entails”. Main beam, heavy fines if turned on for a long time....