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Goodbye standard time, change time: and, behold, when he returns the daylight saving time

The solar hour is going to leave us, and perhaps for always. It is time that we talk about a definitive change of time in Italy and this could be done on this occasion. From Sunday 28 October, in fact, return the daylight saving time. This means that the days get shorter and we will have an hour of sleep....


The scent has very ancient origins

The scent: one of the gift ideas most popular. There are different types: from the parfum to the eau de parfum, eau de toilette, to eau de Cologne up to the eau fraiche. The television advertisements are always ready to sponsor the new fragrance of the moment, but the scent has very ancient origins...The...

What are the differences between a tester and a perfume?

Feed Released from KontroKulturaMany people may not know that in addition to the perfumes can also be purchased the tester of the same. But what's the difference between a perfume tester and a? From the point of view of the fragrance, there is no difference.The scent, in fact, is precisely the same....