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Cake butterfly

The cake, and the butterfly is the dessert that I prepared this year for my birthday! Well, I know that I am always used to make the cake “do me”, to tell the truth I also a gift for festeggiarmi (imagine), and this time they are not missed the appointment with me the same. The idea of what I wanted...


Jam melon

Jam melon is my new discovery. I had never tried before, and fortunately, my “gamble” had a good outcome! Start with a base of a fruit flavorful, like melon, has its advantages and it is really difficult to bring to the table a recipe failed. I have embellished the jam melon with vanilla, ginger and...

Drink turmeric and lemon juice to burn calories and help digestion

You know that to promote digestion and burn calories in just a drink? It is a drink made of turmeric and lemon, which enhances and accelerates the metabolism. In other words, allows you to burn more calories and keep hunger under control. Do not talk about certain of a miraculous drink, but who has tried...