Legambiente Valceresio

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To Luino on the shore of the lake for the protection of the environment. “To act with more urgency on the sewer”

A morning today to observe the situation of the sewer system in the vicinity of the lake promenade, adjacent to the Palazzo Verbania, from the time the subject of complaints from citizens luinesi because of the spill periodical of the sewage in the waters of the lake. Different sorbents present in the...

Legambiente Valceresio: “Cancellations and delays, embarrassing service between Varese and Porto Ceresio”

Not only the problems on the line Luino-Gallarate, today, with the interruption of the service for three hours in the afternoon, but also discomfort on the other railway line from the north of the Province of Varese leads to Milano Porta Garibaldi. A situation which continues to generate discontent and...


Lavena Ponte Tresa, the project “Clean up the world” arrives on the shores of lake Ceresio

As A result of the initiatives carried out by Legambiente in the schools of Lavena Ponte Tresa, in the course of which the children were able to attend real lessons concerning the proper disposal of waste and to deepen the importance of recycling waste has for the environment, here, on Saturday, April...