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Bioassay, law in the Classroom and on the 6th of march. Cappato: “Deadlines written in the sand”

According to the words of the deputy of the M5S Matteo Manero the ddl on the bioassay “should arrive in the classroom on march 6 without further slippage”. Over time, however, there is still no certainty, the law could lead to the 13, slow week compared to the forecast. Marco Cappato: “In this condition...


Citizenship: the law on the “Ius soli” for thirteen years in parliament. What about the situation?

You back to discuss citizenship after Matteo Orfini, the current number one of the Pd after the resignation of Matteo Renzi, the model assumes that on the proposal of the law that should arrive in the Classroom and in the Senate the government puts the trust. Hypothesis rejected to the sender by the...

In the USA Apple will be obliged to provide spare parts and manuals, repairers, and additional

A proposal for a new american law could soon force Apple and other manufacturers to promote use of spare parts, and detailed manuals to third parties, such as users and repairers not official.The “right to repair“, which is already approved in 5 different states, provides for the abolition of the regulation...