Laura cold

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Laura Cold to Come to me, remember the love with Paolo Bonolis and with it comes the call of Ambra Angiolini (Photo)

Beautiful and true, Laura Cold a guest today of Caterina Balivo are not hidden behind false responses, and the public pays her back with affection, even when he speaks of his old love story with Paolo Bonolis and when comes the call of Ambra Angiolini (photo). Afternoon excited for Laura's Cold in the...

Laura Cold furious clarifies that it has no economic difficulties (Photos)

And’ angry Laura as Cold as maybe it was never shown but he is right, and with anger, denies the news circulated on his behalf (photos). Someone has said or written that Laura's Cold is in economic difficulties, nothing could be more false and the showgirl explains where everything is blown out. It is...


Laura's Cold mother, the first summer with the Geneva (Photos)

This summer Laura's Cold is not turned back, very, remained in Sabaudia because its small Geneva is still very small (the photo). The showgirl and actress chose Sabaudia with her boyfriend Leonardo D'amico and this is certainly the summer more beautiful for you. She thought she would not longer be able...