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Coronavirus latest news: 7 dead, the latest victim in Como. The infected are 229

The last update on the numbers of Coronavirus come from the province of Como, where, unfortunately, there was another victim. This afternoon it seemed that the number of cases, had decreased compared to what was the trend of yesterday, but you know, the results of the tests come in each hour, given the...


Coronavirus latest news: 130 infected, schools closed in Lombardia, Veneto and Piemonte

The numbers are growing, and the data changes by the hour, also because there are thousands of tests that are made possible patients infected in hospitals, and not only. The latest news from the North of Italy speak of the 130 people infected. There are 150 people who tested positive to Coronavirus....

Coronavirus latest news from Italy: updates of February 22, 2020

It is a situation that you upgrade now and unfortunately the budget rooms. The number of patients infected by the coronavirus seems to be destined to grow. Despite what is happening in Italy in the last hour of the invitation remains, however, to keep calm. The coronavirus, remember, you care and it...