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Murder-suicide in Rho: kill the partner, then takes his own life

News Flash-Unfortunately, the emergency coronavirus does not block the violence, stop the murders, in fact. As pointed out to the experts and the psychologists a few weeks ago, the situations of forced quarantine would have necessarily resulted in a new wave of violence in the home. The latest news coming...

L'eco di Bergamo: official victims 2060 for coronavirus but the numbers are different. More than 4500 people died

We all have in mind images of the army truck from Bergamo depart at a time of Piacenza or in other places...Images that have been around the world, which are excruciating even today to the relatives of all the people who had come to miss in this last month. “On that truck there was my father,” “On the...


The story of Valeria, died in the home, 41 years: I suspect coronavirus

Valeria worked in the province of Brescia, was the director of a branch bank in Manerbio. Some day I was not well, he had decided to put in insulation in the house. Today, the tragedy that leaves everyone speechless: in the space of a few hours, the conditions of health of Valeria have worsened. He was...