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Murder Noemi: in the Afternoon, Five of the words of Fausto

In the episode of the Afternoon, Five in wave 3 October 2017, we heard the words of Fausto, a friend of Lucio, and of Naomi, the girl in the Mirror killed a month ago by the hand of her boyfriend. The lord has been called into question by the family of Lucio, who, since the first days after the disappearance...


For the release of father Lucio at the Fourth Grade: “My son is sick because of their own fault”

In the interviews the parents of Lucius had released some time ago, the tones were very different from those that he used, instead, the father of the boy with the journalists of the Fourth Degree who was asked to comment on the latest happenings. The boy's father, probably much proven by what is happening...

Fourth Grade, uncle Lucius calls in direct to defend the honour and reputation of his family

In the episode the Fourth Degree of the broadcast on the 29th September, 2017 on the Network 4 it is spoken of the murder of Naomi, in the studio, among others, Valter Biscotti, the lawyer who has decided to follow the case, defending the father of Noemi, mr. Umberto Durini. The bet of the Fourth Degree...