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Nadia Toffa latest news: it is in a serious condition, transferred to Milan for pathology of the brain

The news of the illness of Nadia Toffa, one of the sent de hyenas and host of the program along with other colleagues from two editions, comes as a holder in a blue sky. Unfortunately, however, this is a news real: Toffa, in fact, would be admitted in the hospital, and her condition would be serious....

To anyone Who has seen the slip of the tongue of the son of Renata Rapposelli, which appoints the Chienti, that will mean? (VIDEO)

It continues the work of the police in the investigation of the murder of Renata Rapposelli, the painter of Ancona disappeared from Giulianova 9 October 2017, the day in which he had left his house to go to the son who was believed to be very ill. Renata, from that day, was swallowed by a vortex of darkness...