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The case of Ragusa, and the interception between Valdemaro and Daniel Logli: Roberta is gone with another one?

In the episode of Fourth Degree aired on the 24th of march 2018 has been proved to be a significant shut-off that somehow makes us understand how the son of Roberta Ragusa has lived in these years, divided between the fear that her mare was killed and the nightmare that it is, instead, ran away, and...

Three italians who disappeared in Mexico: a mystery involving the mexican police, what is the truth?

What happened to the three italians disappeared from the 31 January 2018 in Mexico? The latest news: 33 policemen of Tecalitlan, in the State of Jalisco, are finished under investigation in the context of the investigations on the disappearance of three Italian Raffaele Russo, his son, Anthony Russo,...

Nadia Rinaldi launches serious accusations against Francesco Monte: former tronista under the cross-fire

Latest news from the Island of the famous 2018: if Francis Mount was started between the public favour, after what had happened with Cecilia Rodriguez and after what had been his attitude in the story, in the course of time things have changed and not only for the accusations of Eva Henger you arrive...